Joint Actions

Joint Acton CHRODIS: JA on Chronic Diseases and promoting healthy ageing across the life-cycle


The EU Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and promoting healthy ageing across the life-cycle (2014-2017) was a European cooperation of around 70 associated and collaborating partners from 25 EU Member States. The representatives of national and regional health departments and research institutions worked closely to identify, validate, exchange and disseminate existing knowledge to manage and fight chronic diseases in the EU. The focal point of Joint Action is health promotion and primary prevention, paying special attention to diabetes and multi-morbid chronic conditions.

SUNFRAIL Project made use of CHRODIS criteria for the identification of good practices in health promotion and disease prevention, developed under the WP5 Health Promotion. SUNFRAIL used the CHRODIS criteria to select good practices in the identification of frailty and multimorbidity.

The SUNFRAIL project Team was also invited to take part in JA CHRODIS events as well as invited the representatives of JA CHRODIS to participate in the SUNFRAIL project events.

Joint Action ADVANTAGE: JA on Prevention of Frailty


ADVANTAGE, the Joint Action (JA) on Prevention of Frailty was launched in January 2017 and will run for three years. Over 40 organisations take part in the JA, representing 22 Member States. The main goal of the action is to establish a common European framework to address frailty. The partners aim to develop strategies adapted to the local needs, interests and priorities of Member States.

SUNFRAIL project is an affiliated entity to the Joint Action on Prevention of Frailty. SUNFRAIL partners, mainly Liguria Region, Piemonte Region, and Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Federico II in Campania Region, are involved in the work of three Work Packages of the JA.


European Innovation Partnership on Active & Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA)

EIP-AHA AG A3: Functional decline and frailty


The A3 Action Group has an objective to understand the factors of frailty in older population, exploring the better possibilities of prevention of frailty and management of its consequences. More than 100 stakeholders in health are implementing their own so called “commitments”, actions at national, regional or/and local levels aiming to improve health and quality of life of ageing people.

SUNFRAIL partners, mainly Federico II University & Hospital (Campania Reference Site (RS)) and Medical University of Lodz are active members of the A3 Action Group. For example, Campania RS focuses on the implementation of scaled up vision on food, nutrition and frailty through an integrated model of care, cure and prevention for frailty: adherence to healthy nutrition and osteoporosis and its complications (OSTEOCARE). Another Campania RS commitment is SUCCESS, promotion of successful aging: awareness of cognitive decline in the elderly and coping strategies.

Medical University of Lodz is researching the influence of muscle power and nutritional status on functional activities and well-being in the elderly. The final objective is to improve the quality of life for the elderly through enhanced nutritional state and functional status.

The University of Deusto is working to create Biscay as a territory for all (B4All). The goal of creating this ecosystem is to create best conditions to promote active ageing in the area. The partners involved in this collaboration seek to plan, implement and assess policies designed to enhance wellbeing of the elderly together.

EIP-AHA AG B3: Replicating and tutoring integrated care for chronic diseases


The B3 Action Group partners are committed to work toward reducing the avoidable hospitalisation of the elderly with chronic conditions. Around 120 multi-stakeholder commitments aim to integrate care services and embed them in community and home care settings, to make them more patient oriented, more co-ordinated and accessible.

Several EUREGHA members are committed to assess their Regional Healthcare Systems through application of a Maturity Model for Adoption of Integrated Care, and scaling up innovative strategies.

The Regional Health Authority of Piedmont (RHAP) is committed to knowledge transfer, replication and scaling up of good practices in integrated care. The contents of SUNFRAIL and CONSENSO projects will contribute to the development of INTRACare2, which started through the initiative to introduce the PGD (Post-Graduate Diploma) for Family and Community Nursing (FCN) and introduction of the new FCN profession. The knowledge generated in the two European projects will help to elaborate new models of care to detect frailty in absence of disability, early detection and management of frailty in community dwelling persons.

Similarly, Regional Agency for Health and Social Care, Emilia-Romagna, is committed to evaluate the effectiveness of different strategies for promoting integrated health care pathways. The region has recently started the re-organisation of primary care and work towards adopting the multidisciplinary model of care.

FOCUS: Frailty management optimisation through EIP on AHA commitments and utilisation of stakeholders input


The objective of FOCUS consortia is to reduce the burden of frailty in the EU by supporting EIP on AHA commitments in the A3 Action Group, especially those focusing on early diagnosis and management of frailty. The stakeholders involved intend to reach out to the broader audience and for this reason are working to set up the FOCUS Platform for Knowledge Exchange and the platform for Scaling Up.


European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS)


The scientific committee of the SUNFRAIL project is sharing methods and project results with the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society, especially with the working group on “Frailty in older persons”, this way ensuring full support from the Scientific Community.

SIMPATHY: Stimulating Innovation Management of Polypharmacy and Adherence in the Elderly


The project aims to stimulate and support innovation in the management of polypharmacy and adherence in the elderly through the identification of good practices in the European Union. SIMPATHY has a potential to contribute to more efficient and sustainable health care systems across the EU.

SUNFRAIL project partners, Federico II University & Hospital and the Medical University of Lodz, simultaneously participate in the SIMPATHY project.

The SIMPATHY project is also part of the EIP-AHA Action Group A1: Adherence to prescription and medical plans. With the aim to reinforce the role of the pharmacist, the Federico II University & Hospital established a multidisciplinary working group to optimise drug therapy in elderly patients.

CONSENSO: Community Nurse Supporting Elderly in a changing Society


The idea behind the CONSENSO project is to develop a care model which would build on the role of Family and Community Nurse (FCN), in other words, the elderly and their families would receive the individual support in their daily activities. The FCN will help to create a link between the elderly person, health services and social services.

Regione Piemonte (RHAP) and Liguria Region, both SUNFRAIL project partners, are involved in CONSENSO project. Regione Piemonte, together with ASSR – Regione Emilia-Romagna organized cluster project events. SUNFRAIL was presented by Giuliana Moda during the CONSENSO kick-off event, while CONSENSO was presented by Valeria Romano and Paola Obbia during the Bologna Transnational Workshop.

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