SUNFRAIL project reports


1. Report on patients final beneficiaries on perception on frailty and multimorbidity

The project SUNFRAIL recognises the importance of patients’/beneficiaries’ perception and expectations on frailty and multimorbidity and on services and support related to these conditions. Understanding patients’/beneficiaries’ perception and expectations in this area is vital as it helps the project to communicate in an optimum way to older people. It is also key to ensuring the model is fit-for-purpose in terms of addressing patients’/beneficiaries’ frailty and multimorbidity needs and expectations of services available to them.

The report aims to outline a high level analysis of the results of various studies and highlight those which has particular significance and relevance to enhancing the project’s understanding of patient’s/final beneficiaries viewpoints, thus to tailor services tackling their needs.

2. Report on Reference Sites Health and Social Services Delivery

Before developing a model of care for the detection, management and treatment of frailty and multimorbidity to be applied across Europe, it is important to verify which are the resources and organizations currently in place. For this reason, the SUNFRAIL project has conducted a preliminary description of the current situation across the participating Reference Sites located across Europe.

The results demonstrate a major heterogeneity across Europe for the resources and models devoted at detecting and managing frail older persons. The report identifies the few commonalities present across the Reference Sites and then proposes a possible model of care taking advantage of these shared points.

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